Benefits of Selling with Juglo

Are you looking to expand your customer base? The Juglo Marketplace offers you a great opportunity to promote and sell your products. No matter if you have just started your ecommerce journey as an online merchant or if you are a well established brand. Join us as a FREE seller and take advantage of the many benefits: 

Benefits of Selling with Juglo_1
Benefits of Selling with Juglo_2
  • No seller fee, No commission on sales!
  • Fast Seller central account approval (NO extra documents needed)
  • Free registration
  • No monthly fee
  • No insertion fee
  • No hidden fee
  • No contract
  • Brand protection
  • Easy upload from Amazon & eBay
  • Other marketplaces keep suspending accounts which effects companies
  • UK Call Centre support
  • Quick actions on any issue sellers will face
  • Low cost UK Fulfilment service
  • International Freight forwarding custom clearance support
  • UK VAT registration service
  • Juglo will be available to buyers in 16 Countries where other marketplaces are currently not active
  • We do not compete with sellers
  • Other marketplaces are overcrowded
  • 0% selling fee = lower cost = more customers = more profit

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Benefits of Selling with Juglo_D1

Benefits of Selling with Juglo_D2

Benefits of Selling with Juglo_btn